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Top-Rated Organic SEO Guide

Is your site generating enough sales and inquiries? Is your site on the front page of Google for highly targeted and lucrative keywords? If your answer’s no, then our variety of search engine optimization packages can help. In summary, our professional SEO services will boost your site’s search engine rankings and flood your site with new visitors.

Best SEO Packages

At Web Brand Media, we’ve been doing small business SEO for years. With 10+ years of combined SEO experience, expert staff and cutting edge SEO techniques – we can help. Most professional SEO services out there go on about generating X amount of backlinks and doing X amount of submissions.

The truth is backlink quantity doesn’t matter, link quality is what’s important. We properly understand SEO and everything it takes to get your site to the top of Google for just about any keyword you desire. We don’t deliver backlinks or submissions, we deliver results. We know that in order for your site to rank well in the search engines and make you money – it needs some attention.

You can’t just shoot a load of links at it and expect it to dominate the search engines, you need an on-going SEO campaign. A professional SEO campaign that consists of article submissions, social bookmarks, PR submissions, social signals, and content marketing.

We don’t believe in bombarding our clients with endless SEO jargon that only professional SEO’s understand. Instead, we talk in plain English that everyone understands. We tell you exactly what we do, how we do it and ultimately we get your results.

Best SEO Fundamentals

Before you invest in search engine optimization, you should at least obtain a basic understanding of SEO. An understanding of how SEO works, why it works and why it’s key to a successful business. First of all, SEO can be broken down into these three things:

Keyword Research
On-Page Search Engine Optimization
Off-Page Optimization (Link Building And Social Signals)
The search engines want to display relevant web pages for their searchers. To begin with, you need to find the keywords that are most likely going to make you money.

Best SEO Services company with our SEO service you can give us keywords or we can find them for you. Once you have the keywords, you need to carefully optimize your website to rank for them.

This means advanced on-page SEO tactics our highly trained staff are qualified to do. Lastly, you need to optimize your site off-page. This means link building and social signals. Most SEO’s use old school link building tactics. The Web Brand Media team uses the latest and greatest techniques that are proven to work post-panda.

That’s why we offer one of the best SEO services today. We’ve been providing small business SEO services from the very beginning. We wanted to provide professional SEO services to small businesses.

Social signals like Facebook likes and Tweets also play a role in search engine rankings. While they may take a back seat, they still play a very important role. A role that is often overlooked by SEO’s and not to be ignored. That’s essentially how SEO works. Keyword research, on-page optimization and off-page promotion!

If you’re not doing SEO, your website isn’t going to be found. One of the greatest misconceptions about the Internet is that once you stick something online, it suddenly goes viral. It magically attracts people because “it’s the Internet”. That’s why so many businesses wonder what the heck went wrong when they’ve only had 30 visitors in 6 months.

You need to directly target visitors and you need to optimize your site to attract them. There are many ways to drive traffic online, but none of them are as cost-effective or as lucrative as search engine optimization.

That’s why we offer a range of services and SEO packages.

The Links We Build

Article Directory Backlinks Web2.0 Backlinks Press Releases Link Pyramids
Blog Comments Forum Profiles Document Sharing Links High PR Home Page Backlinks
Social Bookmarks RSS Submissions Social Signals .Edu/.Gov Backlinks
Directory Backlinks Link Wheels High PR Profiles Software Submissions

What’s The Guarantee?

Cheap SEO Service

If you’ve been given a guarantee by a so-called “professional” SEO company, avoid them. We always advise our clients to avoid such guarantees because they can’t always be fulfilled. Nothing is guaranteed in the world of SEO. All the best SEO strategies react differently with different websites.

We can’t tell you how long it’s going to take to rank for your keywords, that would be ridiculous. However, we can guarantee an improvement in your search engine rankings and that’s what matters. Over 95% of our clients see a positive improvement in rankings after the first 2 weeks of our service. In fact, most clients see results sooner rather than later.

No SEO can control the search engines, we simply know how to influence them. We also can’t guarantee #1 rankings like most Micky mouse SEO operations. Nobody knows exactly where you’ll rank or even how long it will take to reach page 1. We can estimate timing and rankings, but almost all guarantees in the world of SEO are false.

When you subscribe to one of our packages and talk with one of our staff, we’ll give you realistic expectations that we normally exceed. At the end of the day, we are a no-bullshit SEO service. We don’t advertise false promises. We give realistic expectations, provide an outstanding service that’s second to none and ultimately we deliver results!

What We Do
When you subscribe to one of our affordable SEO packages below, we immediately schedule a phone call/chat at the best time possible. We discuss your business goals and what you want your site to accomplish. From there we agree with on-site goals, commence keyword research and begin the first site audit.

After the audit, we start going through the other phases of on-page optimization and installing proper tracking. Once we have your on-page SEO covered we commence the first phase of link building; directory submissions, Press Releases and social bookmarking. The first phase announces your site to the world and tells Google something big is about to happen.

The next phase starts soon after where we gradually build a flow of high-quality backlinks that safely boost your search engine rankings and increase your website traffic. As long as you’re subscribed to one of our packages you’ll receive continual search engine optimization, link building, suggestions, and reports. We send you monthly or weekly reports depending on your package.
Remember; results vary depending on the competitiveness of your desired keywords.

Our Professional SEO Services:
Site Audit
Agree On Business Objectives
Keyword Research & Suggestion
On-Page SEO Audit
On-Page Optimization
Visitor Tracking
Base SEO Strategy Report
Monthly Reports
Content Optimization
Directory Submissions
Social Bookmarking
Press Release Submissions
Manual Article Writing & Spinning
Article Directory Submissions
Web2.0 Creation & Promotion
RSS Submissions
Private Blog Network Submissions
Initial Social Signals
Google Analytics Integration
Google Webmaster Tools Setup
Ongoing Social Signals
High PR Home Page Backlinks
Live Support
Avg. Keyword Targeting