Nanacast Services

Nanacast Services

Are You looking for a way to put your sales funnels and Membership site on Auto-pilot so you can focus on what you do best – marketing!

Nanacast is a system that has been built to automate your entire online business. From unlimited sales funnel’s to giving your customers a hassle-free checkout process to delivering your content to your customers, Nanacast is a system that can do it all.

Nanacast is loaded with features and Web Brand Media can handle all the setup and automate your business! Here is just some of what Web Brand Media can set up for you through Nanacast:

  • Automated Ecommerce Site
  • WordPress Integration
  • Membership content and Delivery
  • Membership Site Management
  • Customer Management
  • Secure Delivery with Amazon s3
  • Payment Processors and Gateway
  • Email Integration
  • Customer Coupon System
  • Affiliate Management and Tracking system
  • and much more!
Nanacast is a complete system that will take your information product business to the next level! Contact us today to learn more about our Nanacast services.

Nanacast and VBulletin Integration

Web Brand Media can integrate Nanacast with VBulletin, so when a customer buys your membership they are automatically added to your Vbulletin forum. Customers who decide to cancel their membership will be automatically removed from your forum. If a customer wishes to rejoin your membership site, their forum membership is reactivated from the time they left off.  For more info about Nanacast and vBulliten and other forum, Integration contact us today!