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Toe Jamm

ToeJamm Gear Shift Covers provide a simple and effective solution for a problem common to all Motorcyclists; Preventing up-shift scuff marks. ToeJamm is unique because it’s made from “Mono-Directional Stretch” Velcro. This fabric is elasticized in one direction only and is CNC (Computer Numeric Controlled) die-cut to within a +/- 2mm tolerance to ensure a precise fit. All cut edges are Nylon Stitched so they won’t rip or tear. ToeJamm Gear Shift Covers accommodates roughly 95% of the motorcycles employing a “Toe-Only” style shifter.



Brandnic - Largest Marketplace for Brand Names

Brandnic, LLC is one of the largest companies for brand names. It has thousands of .Com domain names are available in 100s of categories. It ranges from premium to catchy business and from 4 letter business names to exclusive brand names.



Wipe ‘N Ride

Wipe ‘N Ride “Instant” Detail Cloths contain a special “Dry” polish and create a static charge when activated. A quick tug stretches the cloth to release the polish and static-charge the cloth. Use it over and over! The static attracts and holdsdust and dirt while the polish cleans and shines any surface, painted metal, chrome, glass, plastic and Plexiglass!